Electronic rock gods Praise to the Machine have emerged from the darkness of the Swedish West Coast to deliver the best of breed in electronic music.

Praise to the Machine are:

Anders Logg – music, lyrics, keyboards, production, backing vocals

Björn Skoogh – music, lyrics, keyboards, production

Featured vocalists:

Anders Linder

Torsten Schindler

Contact us at praisetothemachine@gmail.com.

If we wanted to produce a more admirable machine it could be so arranged that it would not be necessary for the human hand to turn the wheels… Things could be arranged in the beginning so that everything should be done by the machine itself. It is sufficiently clear how many applications will be found for this machine… And now that we may give final praise to the machine we may say that it will be desirable to all… For it is unworthy of excellent men to lose hours like slaves in the labor of calculation, which could be safely relegated to anyone else if the machine were used.


Gottfried Wilhelm Freiherr Baron von Leibniz, 1685


Machina arithmetica in qua non aditio tantum et subtractio sed et multiplicatio nullo, divisio vero paene nullo animi labore peragantur

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